Dock Bot - Meet the Team


During the summer of 2017 while out boating with family, Bryan’s father mentioned his lift remote broke and hadn't been able to find a way to fix it.  His marina contact had told him his lift motor was considered obsolete and that he would have to replace the entire motorized unit to replace the remote.

Bryan immediately began scouring the internet looking for a remote that could be adapted to fix his dad's boat lift.   

After finding nothing and a call to Jeff, Bryan and Jeff both realized the world needed a smarter boat lift and Dock Bot was born!

That winter was spent building prototypes and proving the concept could work; in early spring it became apparent that with the additional security requirements and challenges of the lake life a cloud service was needed to tie it all together.   After an exhaustive search high and low we found our expert!  Don was brought into the team to bring the full cloud service offering to life.  Dock Bot was officially brought to life on Lake Wissota in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin with it's first user in the spring of 2018.

The excitement about Dock Bot at our first boat show told us we needed to grow our team to keep up with the demand.  We began searching someone with our shared innovative spirit that also had experience in manufacturing and distribution within the marine industry.  After many months of searching, Matt joined the team to provide Dock Bot distribution capabilities.

We look forward to bringing Dock Bot to everyone’s lakeshore to provide security, connectivity and convenience for all boat owners!


The Dock Bot Team: Bryan
"The Software Guy"
Grew up in Altoona Wisconsin and spent much of his summer time water skiing on Lake Altoona.  Even as a kid he had an interest in how technology can make life easier and more convenient taking apart anything he could get his hands on that had a mechanical or electrical component.  Currently he lives on a hobby farm and is always trying to find ways to automate the farm.  He has spent the last 10+ years working in computer forensics and network security.
The Dock Bot Team: Jeff
"The Hardware Guy"
Grew up in Wisconsin Rapids, WI and enjoyed his summers with family, water skiing, kneeboarding and fishing.  He quickly became captivated by tinkering with electronics.  Never one to shy away from a challenge and now with 10+ years experience designing ruggedized embedded computers under his belt, Jeff was eager to solve the technical challenges of DockBot.  
The Dock Bot Team: Don
"The Cloud Services Guy"
Grew up on the Mississippi River in Prairie du Chien, WI, and met Bryan while attending college in Eau Claire, WI.  While he spent his high school days fishing and boating on the Mississippi, he’s now worked in cloud services since 2005.  Don’s true passions in life revolve around making things for others to enjoy - whether that’s cooking, brewing, or helping bring DockBot to life!
The Dock Bot Team: Bryan
"The How to Get It Guy"
Grew up in Kerkhoven, MN and has always enjoyed time spent camping, skiing (water or snow), tubing, and sports. He learned true work ethic and the value of a handshake from working on his parents' hobby farm as well as being a farmhand in high school. He has been in the dock and lift industry for over ten years starting from the basics of installing/removing docks and currently produces innovative barges to lake service providers throughout the United States. His passion is to help new business owners grow and succeed from day one. Customer satisfaction is always top priority to him.