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    Monitor your dock, lift, or boat from anywhere!

    Dock Bot can control your lift, lights, and keep your dock, lift, and boat secure - no matter where you are.

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Are you concerned about security of your dock or boat? Dock Bot is an add-on to your existing mechanical lift, shore power, or power supply (such as 12 volt solar) that provides motion detection and alerting to your mobile device. Dock Bot also provides control of your dock lighting and mechanical lift.  We bring the benefits we've seen in home security and automation to your dock!
DockBot Benefit: Connected
  • Access to your lift, lights, and security wherever you are via cellular network
  • Receive notifications when your lift breaks or fails
  • Expand easily to support additional items around your boat
DockBot Benefit: Convenient
  • Raise and lower your lift and turn on your lights with your phone
  • Never worry about losing or replacing a dead key fob
  • Enable Dock Bot features using power from your existing lift
DockBot Benefit: Secure
  • Peace of mind that your boat is safe and secure when you're away
  • Lights turn on, and view images and videos when motion is detected around your boat
  • Check on your boat live access to cameras


Dock Bot Mobile App Screenshot
Download our mobile app for Android or iOS! Use of the mobile app requires an active Dock Bot subscription.
Dock Bot Mobile App on the App Store
Dock Bot Mobile App on Google Play


DockBot Team: Bryan
"The Software Guy"
Grew up in Altoona, Wisconsin and spent much of his summer time water skiing on Lake Altoona.  Even as a kid he had an interest in how technology... [read more]
DockBot Team: Jeff
"The Hardware Guy"
Grew up in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin and enjoyed his summers with family, water skiing, kneeboarding and fishing.  He quickly became captivated by tinkering with electronics... [read more]
DockBot Team: Matt
"The How to Get It Guy"
Grew up in Kerkhoven, MN and always enjoyed time spent camping, skiing (water or snow), tubing, and sports. He learned true work ethic and the value of a handshake...[read more]